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Losing Weight vs. Losing Fat

Losing Weight vs. Losing Fat

Losing Weight vs. Losing Fat: Is your ideal weight really ideal?

Losing Weight vs. Losing Fat: You often hear people saying that they don’t need to work out, because they are already at their ideal weight. But there is a huge difference between working out to lose weight, and working out to get (and stay) in shape.

Being at your ideal weight does not necessarily mean that you are in shape!

A great illustration of this point can be found in the following pictures of trainer Alexandra Manolache:

Losing Weight vs. Losing Fat

The photo on the left was taken in July 2010, the photo on the right was taken in February 2011, after 3 to 4 months of rebounding.
Alexandra’s weight, in BOTH photos, is 52 kg. So how is this possible?

Alexandra swapped body fat for muscle.

Muscle is much denser than fat. The following picture illustrates this graphically:

Losing Weight vs. Losing Fat

As you can clearly see, the same weight of fat is a lot more bulky than muscle. In other words, the same amount of muscle takes up less space than fat. With less fat and more muscle, you not only look better and fitter, you are also far more healthy.

So why is it best to work out with Rebound shoes?

Sure, you can achieve the same results with any good workout. But not as fast as with rebounding. Bouncing with rebound shoes is a very efficient workout. It works out your entire body, as the rebounding has a rejuvenating effect on your cells. So your cells renew faster, and you exchange body fat for lean muscle mass in record time. Because of the high fun factor, working out on rebound shoes lessens the perceived exertion. While you are actually burning about 20% more calories than you would if you exercise with normal shoes, you don’t notice it because you’re having so much more fun!

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