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colourcoding with aerower

Colourcoding with Aerower

Colourcoding with Aerower is easy!

So you’ve seen this great workout outfit that you want to buy, but it doesn’t match your rebound shoes? On other rebound shoes, changing the colour is either difficult, or not even possible. With Aerower it’s a breeze – Colourcoding with Aerower is easy.
The Aerower J1 (the actual boot plus support plate) is always black. The colour accents come from the bumper, soles and multibands.

Boot J1rs1.Crimson

This makes it very easy to change the colour of your boots. Much easier in fact than with other brands – due to the innovative way that the soles attach to the arcs, it’s a much faster and easier process. The video below by Ciprian Căvăjdan shows just how quick and easy it is to assemble/disassmble Aerower boots:

Colourcoding for gym owners:

Coordinating your gym outfits isn’t the only reason to consider colourcoding. For gym owners or instructors with multiple pairs of boots, it can be very helpful to use different colours for different sizes. In this way you can see immediately which boots a client needs, and it makes it much easier to keep track of how many pairs you have in each size.


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