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Upgrade Your Kangoo Jumps

Upgrade your Kangoo Jumps

Upgrade your Kangoo Jumps boots and give them a new lease on life!

You’ve been there, no doubt: your rebound boots are still fine, but you need to replace the springs AGAIN, or else you have broken another shell. The sad fact is that the original quality isn’t achieved any more, and replacement springs and shells don’t last as long as they used to. Fortunately you have an alternative now:¬†Upgrade your Kangoo Jumps or Bounce Boots with Aerower parts.

Aerower spare parts are fully compatible with the other brands of rebound shoes. And quality-wise you will find none better.  Aerower Multibands and Arcs will last much longer than the spare parts of the other brands. They are also infinitely better suited to fine-tune to your specific weight or athletic needs. (see the Customisation Charts here)

In effect, this is much more than a simple spare part replacement. Because of the better quality, adjustability and price/quality ratio, this can really be considered an upgrade of your existing boots. They will perform better, giving you a more satisfying rebound experience, better joint protection and more overall product satisfaction.

In the video below, you can see how Kangoo Jumps boots perform when upgraded with Aerower springs:

And Bounce Boots? Yes, the Aerower parts are also fully compatible.
In the next video you can see how Bounce Boots perform with Aerower springs:

You can opt to change only the springs, but you could also exchange the entire Rebound System (comprising shells, soles and springs). The entire Aerower Rebound System is also fully compatible with both Kangoo Jumps and Bounce Boots. This would mean a total Turbo Upgrade of your rebound boots, extending their life-span by a huge margin.

For gym owners and instructors with multiple pairs of boots, upgrading could make a huge difference in costs.
To see how much money you could save by upgrading, see our post “How much do rebound shoes cost?

We stock all the spare parts that you would need to upgrade your Kangoo Jumps or Bounce Boots here:

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  • Yolanda says:

    How much longer do the Aerower springs last compared to Bounce and KJ?

    • admin says:

      Hello Yolanda, thanks for your interest in our products!
      There is no an exact amount of hours of use of the spare parts as it depends on user’s weight and also the intensity of the exercise.
      This being said, if we compare same weight and intensity, we have already tested them all, and can say the duration of Aerower elastic bands is up to 30% longer than Bounce by Dianna Rojas and 100% longer than Kangoo Jumps T-springs.

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  • Belinda says:

    Is this upgrade available to purchase in Australia. Please advise if there are any distributors please.

    • Johnny says:

      Hi Belinda. When you order, the site will automatically give you the price in Australian Dollars, and your order will be sent from the closest distributor.

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