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how much do rebound shoes cost

How much do rebound shoes cost?

How much do rebound shoes cost?

Although this is a seemingly simple question, answering it is not quite that simple. To find out how much rebound shoes cost, we need to break the answer down into 2 components:

  1. The purchase price of the boots
  2. The cost of maintenance

Once again, we will deal only with Kangoo Jumps. Bounce Boots and Aerower, as not enough data is available on any of the other brands.
Firstly, let’s deal with the actual purchase price of rebound shoes. We’ll include a paragraph we’d added on this subject in a previous article:

Aerower bases the prices on the strength of the rebound system, Bounce Boots and Kangoo Jumps use the same price for all models. The table below gives the recommended retail price of the boots per company, grouped by the rebound system strength. All 3 brands have “special” models that are more expensive, we used only the prices for the standard models. Shipping prices are not included. The lowest prices per rebound strength are shown in green.

Rebound shoe price comparison

Next, let’s take a look at maintenance costs. The parts that most often need replacement are the springs. How long springs last depends on a variety of factors: your weight, your intensity of jumping and the configuration of your rebound system, to name a few. We are therefore using averages. Typically, Kangoo Jumps springs need replacement after 80 hours of use, Bounce springs after 105 hours, and Aerower springs after 160 hours. Because a standard rebound session lasts approximately an hour, we can work out the price per hour of use for each brand.

Price per pair of springs:

Kangoo Jumps T-springs: € 23,00 per pair.
Bounce Bands: €29.48 per pair.
Aerower Multibands: €21.45 per pair.

Price per hour:

Kangoo Jumps: €0.2875 per hour
Bounce: €0.2807 per hour
Aerower: €0.1341 per hour

Using the formula (price per hour) X (hours per week) X 52, you can work out how much your springs will cost you per year.
For gyms with multiple classes per day, and many pairs of boots, the differences can be quite dramatic.
Use the following calculator to work out the annual cost of springs for your boots.


So to answer the question “How much do rebound shoes cost?”, the answer is a combination of the actual initial purchase price and the cost of maintenance. As in our previous article “Which Rebound Boots are Best?” the outcome here follows the same pattern: In terms of value for money, Aerower is your best bet, followed by Bounce in the second place and Kangoo Jumps in the last. Of course maintenance costs also include other breakages and wear and tear, but the cost of these is much too arbitrary to include in this survey. Springs will always be your main recurring maintenance cost.

Note: Of course, if you have a large amount of boots, throwing them all away and switching to a brand cheaper in maintenance isn’t an option. Fortunately there is a lot of cross-brand compatibility. Consider only changing the springs or rebound system of your existing boots. We wrote a post about the possibilities here: Upgrade your Kangoo Jumps.


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